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Are you looking for some Sick Status that you can put on your WhatsApp? So for this you have chosen the right website, here you will get many Sick Quotes , which you can apply this Sick Status to your WhatsApp status. If you want, you can also apply these Sick Whatsapp Status In English on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Sharechat account. Now a days few new social media site also getting popularity like Snapchat and few other are also out there.

We have Collected the Best Sick status, Sick Quotes & Sick Captions collection for You. Having a good Instagram sick caption and good whatsapp sick staus is important! It can often be the difference between getting lots of reactions on your posts and only getting a few. We are also shred here the best top sick quotes here for your whatsapp profile and for any other social media profile as well. Choose your Favorite Sick Status and Share it. Keep Visit and enjoy it.

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Sick Status
Sick Status

    I’m Sick!

    I Felt Sick

    Woke Up Sick

    Feeling Sick!

    Why I Am Sick?

    Sick! Sick! Sick!

    Feeling Like Sick

    Sickness Is Worst

    Oh God, I Am Sick?

    Hi There, I Am Sick

    Love Me I Am Feeling Sick

    Other Than Terrible, Sick

    I Felt Dead And Sick Inside

    Please Talk To Me, I Am Sick

    Take Care Dear, You Feel Good

    Sick Of Being The Only One Trying

    Always Do What You’re Afraid To Do

    There Is No Definition For Sickness

    Please Help Me Dear Ones, I Am Sick

    Be Happy, Your Half Sickness Is Gone

    He Coughed Hard, Too Hard He Is Sick?

    To Be Real Sometimes Is The Worst Pain

    Be Not Sick Too Late, Nor Well Too Soon

    Being Sick Is Your Bodies Way Of Saying

    Smile Is Right Medicine For Your Sickness

    Bitterness Must Be Just Right For Problem

    I’m Sick Of Getting My Hopes Up For Nothing

    I Have Known So Many Sick Women All My Life

    I Say, Find Right Medicine For Your Sickness

    No One Is There To Talk To Me When I Am Sick?

    Worrying About Getting Sick Can Make You Sick

    I Am Sick Of Acting Like I Feel Nothing For You

    I Say, Find The Right Medicine For Your Sickness

    Sometimes I Think Illness Sits Inside Every Woman

    Being Happy Is The Right Medicine For Your Sickness

    I Will Prove Myself Brave When They Think I Am Weak

    Better To Forget, Better To Let Go Of The Bitterness

    I’m The Opposite Of Homesick, I’m Sick Of Being Home

    I Will Prove Myself Strong When They Think I Am Sick

    The Most Poetical Thing In The World Is Not Being Sick

    You Know What’s The Worst? Being Sick In The Summertime

    Your Mind Can Make You Sick, And Your Mind Can Heal You

    Sick Of Being Nice And Getting It Thrown Back In My Face

    The Fact That We Are Living Does Not Mean We Are Not Sick

    Augusten Very Distant Tonight Probably Because Of My Games

    Our Health Always Seems Much More Valuable After We Lose It

    Being Sick Feels Like You’re Wearing Someone Else’s Glasses

    Those People Who Say Forgive And Forget, I Say They Not Right

    Those Days When I Feel Sick, But I’m Not Really Sick, Just Sad

    The Human Body Resonates At The Same Frequency As Mother Earth

    I Would Like To Believe He’s Sick Rather Than Just Mean And Evil

    I’m Just A Little Bit Sicker Than The Average Individual I Think

    People Are Sick But I Should Be There To Explore Their Features!

    Is Sick And Tired And Tired Of Being Sick And Sick Of Being Tired

    Those Who Make Conversations Impossible, Make Escalation Inevitable

    In Order To Change, We Must Be Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired

    It’s Sick And Twisted And Violent Other Than That It Is Totally G- rated

    I’m Tired And Sick Of Being The One Who Cheers Up People When They’re Sad

    I Am Not Afraid To Die; I Am Only Afraid Of Saying Goodbye To You Forever

    He Thought That He Was Sick In His Heart If You Could Be Sick In That Place

    My Thing Is This; If I’m Sick Enough To Think It, Then I’m Sick Enough To Say It

    Hating Is An Emotional Disease… So For Those Who Hate Me… Hope You Get Well Soon

    The More Alien That You Make Your Environment, The More Likely It Is That You Will Be Sick

    The Trickiest Tongue Twister In The English Is Apparently ”sixth Sick Sheik’s Sixth Sheep’s Sick”

    Instead Of Calling In Sick, Call In Well Tell Them How Great You Feel Not Having To Go To Work Today

    When The Ride Is Rough, People Often Get Sick Hold On To Your Grip And You Will Reach Your Destination

    I Wonder Either Their God Has Turned Old, Sick Or Died Because Even The Religious People No More Believe In Shit

    I Feel Physically Sick When Thinking About All The Work I Have To Do Projects, Assignments, Exam Revision Ugh Shoot Me

    You Know When You Feel Like U Got A Bad Life, Think Of Those People Who Don’t Have A Home, Or Sick Then How Do You Feel?

    I’m Sick Of All The Pressure I’m Sick Of Feeling Like I’ll Ruin All Their Happiness If I Don’t Do What They Want Me To Do

    Medicine Is A Golden Goose That Has To Be Killed Because Every Time The Goose Lays A Golden Egg, Someone Gets Sick Or Dead

    Death Was Near, He Felt It Death Reached Through His Swimming, Disordered Mind And He Felt Its Cold Hand Clutching His Heart

    The Strong, Ferocious Wind Just Made The Chill Worse, And As It Blew Around Me, Electric Bursts Of Pain Shot Through My Body

    The Feeling Of Being Sick, But You’re Not Really Sick You’re Just Sad, Upset, Unhappy You Just Feel Like Laying In Bed All Day

    You Know When You Feel Like U Got A Bad Life, Think Of Those People Who Don’t Have A Home, A Family, Or Sick Then How Do You Feel?

    When I Say I’ll Murder My Baby’s Mother, Maybe I Wanted To But I Didn’t Anybody Who Takes It Literally Is 0 Times Sicker Than I Am

    If Kindness Is A Disease, Caring Is A Syndrome, And Love Is A Virus Then I Am Deeply Ill Because I Cannot Find A Better Cure Than You

    I Have Low Self- esteem, Feel Ignored, Feel Empty, Get Jealous, Have Trust Issues, And Pretty Much Always Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough

    Nothing Is Wrong In Taking Medicine When You’re Sick, But Something Is Wrong If It Is Been Taken By You To Cure The Headache Of Another

    The Reason Many People In Our Society Are Miserable, Sick, And Highly Stressed Is Because Of An Unhealthy Attachment To Things They Have No Control Over