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Breakup Whatsapp Status in English - Show Your Pain

Breakup Whatsapp Status in English

Are you looking for some Breakup Status In English that you can put on your WhatsApp? So for this you have chosen the right website, here you will get many Breakup Quotes For Boys In English, which you can apply this Breakup Status In English to your WhatsApp status. If you want, you can also apply these Breakup Status For Boys on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Sharechat account, to show your attitude to the world. Now a days few new social media site also getting popularity like Snapchat and few other are also out there.

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Breakup Whatsapp Status in English
Breakup Whatsapp Status in English

    I hope we meet again.

    Nothing lasts forever.

    Love is blind, Be careful.

    Love Is My Favorite Mistake.

    I wish you weren’t in my dreams.

    Apologies don’t fix broken hearts.

    I will never leave you- BIGGEST LIE.

    I am Invisible Until Someone Needs Me.

    Love is a beautiful mistake of my life.

    I hate you! but I can’t stop loving you.

    The wrong person, It’s time to break up!!

    Just give me time, and I’ll get over you.

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

    No more wasting your time thinking about me…

    You were a moment, but now, you’re a memory!

    My silence is just another word for my pain…!

    Love is a game for liars and pain for shayars.

Emotional Breakup Status

This is a collection of Emotional Breakup Status. Which you can share with your Friends. If you are Looking for a Breakup Status in English that shows your Pain and Sorrow to the world.

    I don’t miss him, I miss who I thought he was.

    I feel crappy inside like something just broke.

    A friendship that can end never really began!!!

    I am too bright to shine – in your dull World!!!

    Don’t cry over somebody that won’t cry over you.

    No more wasting time thinking about wasted time.

    I have finished my unfinished business with you.

    Attitude….is the best thing that makes me proud….

    One Day You will Wait for me But I Will Not Come..

    My silence/smile is just another word for my pain.

    I hate being broken, I hate that I cannot go back…

    No matter what I do. I always forget to forget you.

    Behind every carefree smile lies an untold sadness..

    Sometimes, you have to smile to hold back the tears.

    Smile and no one will see how broken you are inside.

    It’s not just the goodbyes that hurts, its the flashbacks that follow.

    We ruined each other by being together. We destroyed each other’s dreams.

    It’s Better To Be Alone, Than Being With Someone Who Makes You Feel Alone.

    The worst kind of pain is when you’re smiling to stop the tears from falling.

    No girl should ever forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.

    The most painful goodbye’s are those which were never said and never explained.

    Time doesn’t really Heal the heart.It just makes the heart forget all the pain.

    I Never Hate You For Not Loving Me Anymore But I Hate Myself For Still Loving You.

Heart Break Status

This is a collection of Heart Break Status. Which you can share with your Friends. If you are Looking for a Breakup Status in English that shows your Pain and Sorrow to the world.

    I just hope that You miss me a little when I am gone…

    Sometimes It’s better to be alone…No one can hurt you.

    Pain is the only thing that’s telling me I’m still alive.

    I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms.

    We are not close anymore but, I’ll be here if you need me.

    If it’s not a happy ending then it’s not the ending at all.

    Why Was I So Afraid To Lose You When You were Not Even Mine?

    If you can’t save the relationship, at least save your pride.

    I still love him. And here’s the worst part. I want him back.

    There comes a time when walking away is the best for everyone.

    You broke a promise and made me realize. It was all just a lie.

    Every time I start trusting someone,they show me why I shouldn’t.

    Never be sad for what is over, Just be glad that it was once yours!

    Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair..

    It’s hard to tell your mind to stop loving someone when your heart still does.

    I am good enough to forgive you again but not stupid enough to trust you again.

    Isn’t it sad that you are hurt so much that finally you can say “I’m used to it”?

    Tonight I Can Write The Saddest Lines I Loved Her, And Sometimes She Loved Me Too.

    If The Heart Is The Strongest Muscle, Then Plz tell me Why Does It Break So Easily ?

    Tonight I can write the saddest lines I loved to her, and sometimes she loved me too.

    People say follow your heart…but which way do you go when your heart breaks into two?

    We started with hello, ended with goodbye. And everything in between? Nothing but a lie.

    During the day I keep myself busy and sometimes time passes. But at night, I really miss you.

    If you were happy with the wrong one just think how happy you will be when the right one comes.

    If someone really loves you, they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how big the situation is.

    Being single is better than being in a relationship with someone who fills your heart with doubt.

    The worst feeling in the world is giving all the love u have, knowing that it will never be returned.

    There are certain people who are not meant to fit in your life, no matter how much you want them to be.

    Your Morning text, Your Night text, Your caring, Your love, Your Anger and You Baby…I miss everything ♥♥

    It’s so hard to look at you and think we were so close. We were best friends. And now. I’m nothing to you.

    You hurt me more than I deserve, how can you be so cruel? I love you more than you deserve, why am I such a fool?

    A million words won\’t bring you back, I know because I tried. Neither will a million tears, I know because I cried.

    Relationships Are Like Glass. Sometimes It’S Better To Leave Them Broken Than Try To Hurt Yourself Putting It Back Together.

    You may meet people better than me, funnier than me, more attractive than me, but I will always be there when they all leave you…

    Out of all the people in the world I thought you were the one to be there for me 4 ever and always. Turns out I was just your last option wasn’t I.

Sad Breakup Status

This is a collection of Sad Breakup Status. Which you can share with your Friends. If you are Looking for a Breakup Status in English that shows your Pain and Sorrow to the world.

    Sometimes It’s better to be alone No one can hurt you.

    Some Stories Are Written By Pen!! and Some By Pain!!!!

    I hate the moment when suddenly my anger turns into tears.

    Worry less, Smile more, Don’t regret, Just learn and grow.

    I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms…!

    Destiny is not a matter of chance. It’s a matter of choice.

    Trust is like an eraser, it gets smaller after every mistake.

    You Broke My Heart. But I Still Love You With All The Pieces.

    One day u will want me & tell me sorry, but it’ll be too late.

    When I close my eyes I see you, when I open my eyes I miss you.

    You Broke A Promise And Made Me Realize. It Was All Just A Lie..

    One day you will want me and tell me sorry, but it’ll be too late.

    Trusting you again is my decision, Proving me wrong is your choice.

    Everyone deserves a second chance, but not a third, fourth or fifth !!

    What do you do when Something that was your Everything becomes a Nothing?

    I am stupid to love you again but not an idiot enough to trust you again!…

    The most painful memory I have is when I walked away, and you let me leave.

    People cry, not because they’re weak. It’s because they’ve been strong for too long.

    Move On. It’s Just Chapter In The Past But Don’t Close The Book. Just Turn The Page.

    The best revenge is to show them that your life is getting better after they’re gone.

    You say you hate seeing me crying, but when you’re the reason of my tears do you care?

    Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you, but you meant nothing to him.

    Once you learn to be happy alone, you won’t tolerate anyone who can’t make you just as happy.

    I’m letting go. You let go a long time ago, and I realize that it is time for me to do the same.

    A breakup is like a broken mirror. It is better to leave it broken than hurt yourself to fix it.

    Never allow loneliness to drive you back into the arms of someone you know you don’t belong with.

    Love can’t be proved with poems, promises or presents, sometimes, only pain and patience can prove it…

    The same person who said the sweetest things to me also said some of the meanest things I’ve ever heard.

    Sometimes when I say: I’m okay. I want someone to look me in the eyes, hug me tight, and say: I know you’re not.

    Relationships are very simple. There are only two things that can happen. You either get married or you break up.

    The best revenge you could ever do to a person who broke your heart is to let them see that you are happy without them.

    Sometimes the people who are thousands of miles away from you can make you feel better than the people who are right beside you.

    It hurts the most, when someone who made you feel special yesterday then makes you feel like you are the most unwanted person today.

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